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Summer Camp

Grace School is dedicated to students’ personal growth and academic excellence. With over 50 programs, Grace School provides K through 10th grade students with rewarding and memorable summer camp experiences.

The camp curriculum includes 15+ STEM programs such as  Science Olympiad, Mad Science, Lego Robotic Engineering, and Marine Biology, among others. These programs are designed to actualize students’ logic and reasoning potential, and to sharpen their problem solving skills. In addition, Grace School summer camp offers 15+ programs in the humanities, including Dubbing Voice, Comic-Con Augmented Reality, Brain Training, Musical Theatre, and many more. Students can also enjoy our music and 10+ sport programs. SAT/PSAT Math & English and other AP classes are also ready for upper grade students who are preparing for college.

Our program teachers are experienced and highly qualified mentors that come from a wide range of backgrounds including school district debate team coach, reading corner director, former financial institute CEO, and senior engineer. These teachers are not only professionally and academically excellent they also find ways to make the classroom fun and the material easy to engage with.

2021 Summer Camp Schedule and Registration

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