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After School Program

Grace School provides these regular after school program from Monday to Friday for all grade students.
For enrollment, please print, fill and bring below form to the office.

2021-22 After School Schedule

After school enrollment form

ChineseMathEnglishComputer Programming
ScienceMusicVisual ArtComputer Class



Our Chinese curriculum covers Chinese levels from beginning to advanced. From Pinyin introduction and character recognition all the way to sophisticated composition, a student acquires Chinese skills step by step. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the four main areas our Chinese teachers will work on with the students. The Grace School creates an environment that motivates the students to use the language they have been learning. Students are not only encouraged to communicate in Chinese, they also voluntarily go on the stage and show their Chinese talent.


The Grace School’s math classes will help build and advance your child’s math skills, logical thinking, and thoughtful reasoning. Depending on the student’s grade level, our curriculum offers Montessori math (K graders), Kumon, and Math Olympiad. This design aligns with the students’ school education, and helps them master new concepts before they move on. As time goes by, students also cultivate an interest in math, accelerate important math skills and actualize their math potentials.


The Grace School customizes our English classes according to the needs of different age students. Our featured lessons include but not limited to public speaking, creative writing, and critical reading. Our classes not only help the students succeed in school education, but also well equip the students to be independent thinkers.

One of our English teachers is the international Speech Contest winner and the PUSD debate team coach. Another English teacher is the director for the Children’s Reading program at one of the PUSD school. Their knowledge and experience are of great assets to the students and the school.

Computer Programming

Java, C/C++, Python, Perl, and more interesting programming skills can be now acquired at Grace School. In the class, our teacher actively interacts with the students. Each of the student receives clear guide and attention from the instructor to finish their projects. Our instructor is a professional engineer, and he bring practical projects to the class so that our student can experience the real life programming.

Computer Class

From keyboard typing, spreadsheet, animating, to word processing and basic coding, our computer class is practical and full of fun. Students get to learn how to use computer to make interesting designs, program simple games, edit documents, etc. It opens the door for them to explore the world of computer.


Green science is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Grace School’s Science class focuses on environmental science, and educate students where the energy is, how it moves, the energy chain, and the smart energy use.

Visual Art

The two Art classes focus on two different areas. The water color class engages the younger age children in the colorful world. The use of the color largely expend the children’s creativity. On the other hand, sketch class builds corner stones for a student’s drawing skill. It emphasizes the shapes and angles, brightness and darkness, and other basic concepts of drawing.


During the after school hour, the Hope School of Music offers a variety of music enrichment classes at Grace School campus. These popular classes include guitar, violin, flute, piano, and more.